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Macarthur Regional Organisation of Councils

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MEDIA RELEASE - Macroc Employment Strategy To Provide Insight Into Employment Generating Potential Of Macarthur Region

7 April 2008

MACROC's "South West Sydney Employment Strategy" will investigate the feasibility of creating 89,000 jobs in the South West Sydney region by 2031 as foreshadowed by the State Government. The study will also identify the types of industries that are likely to grow and locate to the region, the employment mix and policy instruments that will be required to achieve sustainable economic growth.

MACROC has commissioned planning consultants Hill PDA for the employment strategy project, due to be completed by June this year.

"The South West Sydney Employment Strategy" will provide fresh insight into the employment generating potential of the Macarthur region and Liverpool, and will be used by MACROC to review its Economic Development Strategy.

In a submission to the NSW Department of Planning, MACROC has recommended that the results of the MACROC study be considered when the Department reviews it's Draft South West Sydney Subregional Strategy, which is open for public comment until December 2008.

The Draft South West Sydney Subregional Strategy aims to provide a framework for accommodating a growth of 155,000 dwellings and 89,000 jobs in the South West by 2031.

MACROC President, Cr Rob Elliott, said that the South West Sydney Employment Strategy study would assist with the identification of opportunities for increasing the retention of employment in the region and minimising work-related travel for residents, also helping to minimise environmental costs.

"Only 46,265 workers live and work in the Macarthur region, leaving the remaining 50,138 people to find work outside the region. Some 15,000 people travel from outside the region to work in Macarthur, according to the 2006 Census," said Cr Elliott.

"Clearly, the MACROC study should inform the Draft Subregional Strategy, and I would hope that the Department of Planning would adopt the recommendations made by MACROC and use the results of our study to inform their South West Sydney Subregional Strategy".

"The importance of the State Government's Subregional Plan for the South West of Sydney cannot be over-emphasised. It indicates the State Government's intentions regarding future planning and investment for the South West region".

"MACROC strongly recommends that the NSW Department of Planning continue to work with the Councils of South West Sydney and with the relevant State Government agencies to ensure that the South West Sydney Subregional Strategy is a robust, comprehensive document that will provide a sound platform for future development within the region," Cr Elliot said.

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